Overview of our programmes

For young people between 16 and 35 years


For school classes

imp!act: Create a project in only 3,5 days
20-40 like-minded people who are willing to tackle global challenges on a local level gather in a 3,5 days training. They find their changemaking sweet spot, get inspired by fellow changemakers and develop social or ecological projects.



(r)evolution lab: Organize your own imp!act event
In this train-the-trainer programme, spread over 6 months, former imp!act participants get equipped with tools and skills in project management and facilitation in order to organize and facilitate their own imp!act event in their city.



step into action: Boost your school
Over 1000 high school students explore their changemaker potential. By the means of interactive workshops, games and stands, students come to realize the importance of their personal commitment for sustainable development.

step into action was initiated by euforia ten years ago. Nowadays it's an own organization.

For individuals across sectors, generations and social backgrounds

The Unleash Project: Become a transformative leader
People with different cultural and professional background recognize their transformative potential and become proactive leaders. Together they explore new approaches to make a change in their social and professional environment. Connection on a deeper level, combined with innovative methods provide an experiential and transformative group and individual experience.

Radical Collaboration®: Learn collaboration from the inside
A methodology for building high-trust relationships in order to improve efficiency, productivity, innovation and agility. It is for everybody who has a role when different interests may create a conflict and particularly beneficial for people who are responsible for creating more collaborative cultures.

Share & Grow: Learn and share new skills and methodologies
People within and outside our community meet informally on a local level and have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, find sparring partners for new projects, share their methods and expertise, engage in meaningful discussions, and get involved in the community.


The Marketplace: Find projects and/or people to collaborate
Sustainable and socially-responsible projects are matched with changemakers who are looking for meaningful work and opportunities to make a difference in their society.

Power Has No Gender: Towards an ungendered leadership
Through inspiration (podcasts), introspection (trainings) and collaboration, participants of the “Power has no Gender” project are part of an exploratory laboratory for a new ungendered leadership.

For euforia, this is a step further into activating and nurturing a community of people fully accepting themselves and feeling confident and empowered to have a social and/or environmental impact, whatever their gender identity might be.