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An enormous untapped potential lies in the diversity of a companies employees and the varied skills, talents and background of its employees. Leading with Impact is a Leadership and change management programme designed to develop collective leadership capacities across generations, departments, and teams in your company to tackle pressing challenges of our times and increase the overall performance.

Disruption, diversity, globalisation and digitalisation are some of the major challenges our world currently faces. At the same time, a new generation of young people is entering the market, placing new demands on companies. Along with these changes, new needs emerge such as participation, flexibility, self-responsibility and a trust-based cooperation. These new ways of working often do not fit into the existing working cultures and management structures. Adverse consequences include misunderstandings and risks of conflict across generations, hierarchies and business units.

To effectively address these challenges, new sets of skills and competencies are required.  Foremost among them is the ability to find innovative solutions and design new strategies with new business models. Leading with Impact is a leadership and change management programme which prepares current and future leaders to effectively address these challenges and offers an intense and direct exchange between executives and young talents of the Y and Z generations. Participants reflect on their own leadership style and learn the necessary skills to become the leaders of the 21st century.

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Why Leading with Impact?

Our training creates a working culture and leadership style in which young talents thrive and perform best. We connect your senior managers to the core of their teams. Evolve to a company that does not have to worry about employee retention. Become more than a great place to work, but an incubator for innovation!  During the training participants will:

  • Young talents have the opportunity to actively engage in organisations by developing (in-house) projects and receiving direct feedback by managers.

  • The programme creates a solution-oriented approach to the issues of sustainability management and how to deal with the new generations of youth.

  • Young talents in your organisations will be going through a train-the-trainers workshop to acquire the necessary skills to train and share the knowledge gained through the Leading with Impact programme to leaders of the future

  • Across all generations, teams and sectors, employees in the programme jointly build energy, reinvent and prototype in an empowering, creative and hierarchy-free environment.

  • Executives will reflect on their leadership style and have the chance to engage youth participants in order to experience the values, leadership, innovation, and workplace of the future.


Programme structure

There are 2 phases in this programme that amount to a total of 6 days of training over 8 months. During this time, 5 - 15 top managers exchange and work together with 30 - 50 young talents of their organisation.

Phase 1 – Main event (3 days of training in one week)

Day 1: Exploring the potential of sustainable innovation

  • Context and strategic relevance of the programme

  • Get to know young aspiring leaders

  • Dive into the euforia experience

Day 2: Leadership strategies for the 21st Century

  • Develop and apply leadership strategies to collaborate across sectors and generations

  • Introduction to euforia's methodology (21st Century Leadership Model, Life Purpose Model, Radical Collaboration)

  • Co-Creation and prototyping of sustainable innovations with young participants

Between day 2 and 3, participants return one day to their workplace and apply what they have learned in the first two days.



Day 3: Practicing Human-Centered Leadership

  • Sustainability as the core of new business models

  • Open-mindedness for radical change and transformation

  • Learn to empower young project leaders

  • Set up of follow-up programme and learning exchange

Phase 2: 3 Follow up programmes (3 days over 8 months)

Learning exchange: The main event is followed by an eight-month learning exchange facilitated by euforia, where tandem partners of one executive and one or several young employees meet regularly to reflect on their progress and to coach each other.

Impact reunions: Four and eight months after the main event, all participants meet again for a half-day workshop. Together with our facilitators, they reflect on their learnings, check where they stand and if the knowledge transfer into practice was successful.

What former participants say

“We set ourselves ambitious goals in the domains of innovation and leadership, we have to get ready for a new generation of employees. Leading with Impact will help us reach these goals.“
— Christian Petit, Director Enterprise Customers, Member of Swisscom’s Corporate Management

"leading with impact has offered me a completely new take on sustainability: This kind of change cannot be mandated, it has to come from within."
— Marc Werner, Director Residential Customers, Member of Swisscom’s Corporate Management


“What impressed me most was the openness and the spontaneity. We just allowed ourselves to brainstorm, we let ideas flow, we rapidly prototyped... very value-based though”
— Hansruedi Köng, CEO PostFinance


“euforia challenges you in a good way... it challenges the way you have done stuff, the way you have worked, it puts you in touch with much more agile, much faster methods of developing”
— Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF Schweiz

"Frischzellenkultur": An article about the Leading with Impact training for PostFinance in HR Today (in German). It describes how leaving the comfort zone and a change of perspective connects the individual and the organisation to overcome the challenges of the age of digitalisation. 


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