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Towards an ungendered leadership

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As our community is made up of changemakers from all sort of backgrounds, courses of life and yes(!), gender identities, we have always made a point of being inclusive in our trainings and events. With the Power has no Gender project, we are addressing head-on the gender inequality challenge.

For euforia, this is a step further into activating and nurturing a community of people fully accepting themselves and feeling confident and empowered to have a social and/or environmental impact, whatever their gender identity might be. Through our actions and teaching, we strive to offer a new, different, perspective of leadership whereby stereotypes don’t come in the way of understanding how our world (team/system/organization) really is.

Participants of the project are part of an exploratory laboratory for a new ungendered leadership. Through both online and offline activities, we will strive to generate inspiration (podcast), introspection (trainings) and collaboration towards awareness of ungendered leadership. The 2019 edition of our training the Unleash Project in Romandie will be focused on the topics related to gender and will thus act as the main thread to weave together the different elements of the Power has no Gender project.

An activity report of the first 6 months of the project is available at this link.

LEADERSHIP is the relational capacity to mobilize creative potential and turn it into positive power - to set in motion positive ripples of confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and performance - to make a positive difference in the world
— Diana Whitney & Amanda Trosten-Bloom, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner

Get inspired and get involved!

One of our main goal in the first exploratory phase of the Power has no Gender project is to get inspired and document the topics related to gender equality, namely in leadership instances. We have started a podcast series on the topic and put together a database of useful references (obviously a work-in-progress). A few interesting videos are linked here below for your immediate enjoyment, as will be the podcast episodes upon the launch in September of 2019.

The full list of references is available at this link. Check it out, really, there’s tons of interesting, fun and beautiful pieces of wisdom in there (from academic articles all the way to stand-up comedy and powerful music)

If you have any suggestions to complete our database of references, or if you want to get involved as an organizer in one of our trainings/events or bring this topic into your organization on the basis of what we have done so far, please get in touch with us : malika@euforia.org for the French speaking part or clara@euforia.org for the German speaking part of Switzerland.

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Our next Events related to the Gender topic